The best stories anime ever told follow very specific storytelling formats that are ingrained in our very souls. One would think you'd have to go to special anime college in order to learn this mystical way of storytelling, but you'd be wrong. So, so, wrong.

You can write the very first episode to your hit anime right now from the comfort of your parent's house or basement apartment in 5 very simple steps.

Just don't read this list over unless you're prepared to become the next hottest anime creator the world has ever seen!

1. Make Your Main Character Late for School


The best way to open up the very first episode is to give the audience a sense of urgency. Nothing feels more urgent that running late for school. Have your character wake up late by accident. Better yet, have your character sleep in on purpose. It will create unbelievable tension that immediately hooks your audience and gets your story moving. Having them eat bread while running is not only a choking hazard, but bonus tension.

2. Introduce All Your Minor Characters At Once


Viewers need to know everyone that will be important very early on in your hit series. Make sure to introduce all of your characters right away. There's the quiet one, the sexy one, the noisy one, the aloof one, and the weird one. Establish who teases whom. Hint at a love triangle. Try to be as clear about relationships without giving too much away. This is what life is like everyday for your character, so make it count.

3. A New Problem Approaches


Now that you've got everyone settled, introduce something new. How about a giant monster attack? Aliens work nicely. A new love interest or rival can really shake up things for your characters. Sometimes the new problem is internal ‚Äď like new feelings or terrible realizations. The more, the better.

4. Trial and Error


Fixing the problem on the first time is bo-ring; make your characters struggle. They can investigate, ask for advice, and even gather allies to help with the problem. So long as they struggle to find the answer and stumble along the way, things are looking good. Viewers like to see characters they love make things worse before it gets better.

5. Success! For now…


When you finally allow your characters to solve the problem, they can celebrate, albeit temporarily. You still have a whole season of your hit anime for fans. Your characters need to be striving each time, messing things up, recovering, and facing new problems every episode. With these 5 steps you can write the best anime the Universe will ever know.